Supporting and Contributing to the Evolving Process of the Empowerment-based Alternative Development Model


Global Partnership Foundation

Global Partnership Foundation (GPF), based in Washington-DC, is a not-for-profit organization working towards supporting and contributing to empowerment-based Alternative Development Model while nurturing the global partnership between India, Japan and America to a long-term symbiotic relationship. Inspired by the pioneer work of empowerment based Alternative Development Model as a part of India-Japan Global Partnership (IJGP), GPF aims to connect threads of sustainable development of the American Society to that regions of the world, where the ADM can be implemented to further evolve this new model of Socio-Economic Model. Empowerment based Alternative Development Model is a consolidated, coherent and comprehensive framework that amalgamates the wisdom and experience of the old development model and development frameworks of the New Model. It is based on the ideological framework of E-E-S (Energy-Efficiency, Environmental Responsibility, and Sustainability) and R-M-E (Forging Relationships first, Mechanisms, and Execution).

GPF has come into existence through the inspirational work of India Center- Japan and India Center Foundation- India to acknowledge the need of an empowering development model that considers the aspirations of rapidly expanding nations to the availability of the resources.



With the world’s current model of development in an unequal balance of unlimited aspirations and limited resources, the need of the hour is sustainable socio-economic development, which is possible through the evolution of empowerment based Alternative Development Model through a global partnership between the countries of the world.



Connect the legacy of the country America; its people and its institutions to support and contribute towards the evolving process of empowerment based Alternative Development Model.