• Towards Energy Efficiency

    Energy conserved is life preserved

  • Towards Environment Responsibility

    The earth is what we all have in common, bearing a common responsibility.

  • Towards Sustainability

    What we stand for is what we stand on, there is no planet B.

About GPF

Global Partnership Foundation (GPF) is an American, Not for profit organization imbedded with a vision to contribute towards America’s sustainable nation development growth process. GPF’s purpose is to help evolve the thought process and develop an alternative model of development (ADM) for America, by taking into consideration the aspirations of this rapidly expanding nation to the availability of resources. The new framework thus evolved will be under the umbrella of Energy efficient, Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable. Today, however, there is an emergence in the realization that natural are not infinite, as the growing scale of the economic system has strained the natural resource base. The ADM guides the quest for sustainability by transforming the competitive landscape, while also inducing a sustainable approach towards the way companies thought about products, technology, and business models.


  • Evolve replicable and scalable models for sustainable development.

  • Establish partnerships with Institutions and society in USA to awareness ,participate, support and contribute in to new ADM based sociology economic model. Work towards bringing India, Japan and USA closer and accelerate socio-economic development, and consequently nurture these to be long-term symbiotic relationships. (www.globalpartnershipsummit.org)

  • Conduct research and generate information on the socio-economic scenario in USA-India and Japan and enable Global partners to recognize and leverage opportunities for mutual benefit.

  • Foster cooperation and collaboration in key sectors like Infrastructure and Logistics, Energy Security, Banking and Finance, Industrial Co-operation, Agriculture, Healthcare, Art Culture and Media, Tourism and Education and Skill Development.

Why ADM?

  • The current model of development started with limited aspirations (5% of world population) and unlimited resources of the world. However, as aspirations become infinite and resources are decreasing at an alarming rate and the outlook is finite, the question arises: Can we continue to use this exploitation based current model for future development or should we develop an alternative model?

  • The ADM Framework is our answer. Contrary to the current model, it is envisioned as based on empowerment, instead of exploitation.

  • It is built upon sustainability, environmental responsibility and energy efficiency as the pillars and driven by the philosophy of R-M-E.


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